About Us

About Provident Foundation

Provident Foundation enables individuals, businesses and even other charities to make a positive impact through strategic planning and giving. Our mission is to encourage philanthropy by helping Canadians maximize charitable giving while minimizing tax burdens. We’ll help you by making it easy to add charitable giving to your overall wealth management plan.

Individuals and families – We can help you and your family to make a greater impact in the charitable areas that matter most to you. Through planned giving of income and various assets, we can help you get closer to maximizing your financial effectiveness – both during your lifetime and through your estate planning.

» Realize tax advantages through cash or securities donations

» Choose how their donations are applied and invested

» Receive reporting on the positive impact of their giving

Churches, ministries and other Charities – Provident Foundation can help you educate your donors about creative ways of giving which can lead to significant new current and long-term funding for your organization, while providing generous benefits for your donors. Provident facilitates meaningful results—for donors, wealth management partners and charities—through strategic partnerships forged out of a commitment to social responsibility or Christian mission – or both!

Businesses – Provident Foundation can help your business with its own charitable efforts while allowing you to focus on your core business. Your employees can get involved. Your business can support its people – it’s good both for your business and employee morale. Ask us how we can help you create a “win-win-win” scenario.

Professional advisors - If you are a financial professional, accountant, lawyer or other wealth management advisor, talk to us about the opportunity to present charitable giving expertise to your clients. This may be one of the most personally satisfying parts of your own practice - stronger relationships can be built and your clients will appreciate the value.

Provident helps advisors and their firms demonstrate social responsibility by:

» Supporting charitable initiatives that fit with their business goals;

» Meeting the growing demand for philanthropic solutions; and

» Providing charitable giving solutions that support the clients’ investment and legacy objectives.

Is there anything better than investing your life in something that will outlast it?