Charity Portfolios

As a donor advising the Provident Foundation, you can specify the charities you wish to support. Alternatively, you may choose to give to one of Provident’s five Charity Portfolios, each encompassing a collection of important, well-deserving causes. You can think of it like a mutual fund of charities. Whichever way you choose, Provident keeps administration fees low, so the maximum amount goes to good works.

Our Charity Portfolios allow you to pool your donations with like-minded donors, potentially creating an even greater impact. And you get added peace-of-mind knowing that each charity that we have identified has been thoroughly assessed to ensure that they meet our standards.

Provident’s five charitable portfolios encompass a collection of important, well-deserving causes.

Aging & Elder Care Portfolio

The Aging & Elder Care Portfolio provides grants and funding for research charities and community service programs specializing in the unique needs of our aging population. More »

Children and Education Portfolio

The Children and Education Portfolio supports programs and services that encourage children to achieve their potential through education and counselling programs. More »

Environment and Health Portfolio

The Environment and Health Portfolio supports programs and services that ensure a healthier world, with an emphasis on protecting and enhancing Canada’s natural assets, both in the environment and our human population. More »

International Portfolio

The International Portfolio invests in initiatives that holistically improve the standard of living for people who are impoverished around the world. More »

Missions Portfolio

The Missions Portfolio invests in Christian initiatives that seek to transform the lives of people who are spiritually impoverished around the world. More »