Giving in a Will

Does your current Will, if you have one, truly reflect your own heart’s desire to provide not only for your family, but also for groups that impact lives well beyond your own family? We all leave a “legacy” – will yours be one of generosity and making an impact beyond your own life. We can help.

More and more individuals are choosing to include a gift to charities in their Will. A bequest to a charity should include the full legal name, city and province of the charity - particularly if there are chapters of a national organization or religious organizations with similar names.

To make things really simple, you may wish to name Provident Foundation as the charity beneficiary and leave instructions with them to distribute your gifts to charities of your choice.

The advantages:

  • allow many charities and ministries to receive gifts from your Will through one simple gift
  • keep your estate details confidential
  • limit the work required by your executor
  • receive one donation receipt from Provident rather than many receipts from many charities
  • change your distribution decisions at any time while you live, rather than changing your Will

How it works:

Decide if you wish to establish a Legacy Fund to hold the gifts given through your Will OR if you wish to have them immediately distributed.

  1. For a Legacy Fund, simply complete the Provident Legacy Fund Application Form, naming succession advisors who will take responsibility for decisions related to your Fund.
  2. To distribute your bequest immediately, complete a Letter of Direction to provide Provident with your recommendations about how to distribute your gifts to charities and ministries of your choice. If your decisions change while you live, simply submit a new Letter of Direction to Provident.

Provident would gladly assist you through this process. Confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times. Feel free to contact us.