Our Promise to You...

We will connect your money with the work that is important to you. Provident's desire is to work with you to deliver purpose from your money while you live and to ensure the legacy you leave reflects your deepest passion to see a world that is changed for the better.

Provident offers families, businesses and ministry organizations an alternative to setting up their own private foundation. Provident pledges to serve donors with:

  • Simplicity – we can set up a fund in a matter of hours and Provident handles all of the administration for you.
  • Creativity – you can give practically any liquid asset entrusted to you. Provident can accept and liquidate it for you so it can be given to the charity you choose.
  • Efficiency – we can work with your existing professional advisors to create the right solution for your life needs that also reflects your values.

Provident believes that all financial decisions have a spiritual component because the Bible teaches that we are merely stewards of all God has entrusted to us. We focus on streamlining the administrative and granting process, providing tools and support to help donors and their advisors work together to accomplish philanthropic goals while minimizing tax implications.